Active Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love: Part II

By Jessica Poole, Certified Athletic Trainer

For Part I, Planning, see last week's post.


Get out and play. A vacation with kids lends itself to activity. Head outdoors. Play golf and walk the course, jump in a volley ball game, play Frisbee or football on the beach, give tennis a try with the kids. You get to be a kid again, right? After all what is vacation for?  

Be brave: When researching your trip and activities, pick a new sport or activity to try. We finally got brave and tried stand-up paddle boards this year. After a few minutes of gaining our balance on the Gulf waves, we were pros. What a great workout and it was super relaxing. Me, the board and whatever I saw in the crystal blue water. It turned out to be quiet and exercise rolled into one -- just what I needed.

Get moving: Wherever you go, challenge yourself to move. Even if it’s a business trip or convention get out and walk the city. Some of my favorite trips were to conventions with colleagues. After meetings we toured the cities on foot: Baltimore, Boston and St. Louis were all high points and I saw them walking. Also we found the best Italian food while walking the city.

Those are just a few ideas to get out and stay active on your vacation. Make it a goal to move and relax. Sometimes a new activity becomes the rest your mind needs. Others need to stay committed to a routine and a change of scenery for logging some miles is helpful. Research and plan a little and you will be successful.

Stay healthy my friends!

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