4 Tips For The Farmers' Market

Do you grow your own food?

If not, then try getting to know the people who do. Local farmers’ markets are filled with friendly people who work hard to bring their community the freshest locally grown fruits and vegetables. Plus you can often find other terrific treats like local cheeses, handmade tamales, aromatic soaps and more. Some local markets even have a booth where you can have your knives and scissors sharpened for a small fee.

4 Tips for Shopping at Farmers’ Markets
  • Get to know the farmers. They are an important part of the process. Don’t be shy: ask questions.
  • Markets are seasonal, so don’t expect local tomatoes in May or tender leaf lettuce in July. But do expect crisp lettuce while the weather is cool and flavorful tomatoes in the heat of summer.
  • Go early or go late. Farmers markets tend to be less crowded at opening and at closing. For the largest selection, go as soon as the market opens. For possible discounts on produce that doesn’t sell, go at the end of the day.
  • Farmers’ markets are, on average, cheaper than grocery stores. And they often offer more organically grown produce as well as a wider variety of types. For instance, in season there may be half a dozen different types of tomatoes for sale.
One local market to try is the Lilburn Farmer’s Market. It’s open every Friday during the summer until August 28 from 4 to 8 p.m.

Once you’re stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, check out GMC’s Pinterest boards for healthy ways to incorporate your farmer’s market finds into your family meals.


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