5 Tips For Selecting Shoes That Encourage Exercise

Did you know August 2-8 is National Exercise with Your Child Week? This week is meant to encourage parents and guardians to exercise with their children as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

If your kids aren't already back in school, use this week before school starts to do some fun outdoor activities with your child like walking the family dog, going for a bike ride or throwing a baseball.

And as we get back into school and all the flurry of activities, remember that kids, just like adults, need good, supportive shoes. As a part of back to school shopping, here are some tips to help you make smart decisions when buying new shoes for yourself and your child. After all, if the shoes are uncomfortable, your child (or you) will not want to run around in them.

When Shoe Shopping Do...
  • Select the shoes that feel right. When you get them home, wear them around the house. If they don’t fit well, return them.
  • Shop late in the day, when your feet will be slightly bigger.
  • Each time you buy shoes, have both your feet measured while you are standing. Foot size changes with time.
  • Select shoes to suit their purpose. If your child is in elementary school, shoes with laces are best for support when he or she is running around on the playground.
  • Try on both the right and left shoes. If your feet are different sizes, pick a pair that fits the larger foot.
How GMC Can Help

For many parents, back-to-school time is a fresh new start to their own fitness goals. Just like getting a baseline test to see where you stand at the start of the year, GMC's Fitness & Performance Center offers comprehensive fitness assessments and customized personal training. To learn more about personal training or our running clinic visit gwinnettsportsmed.com or call 678-312-7880.


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