When Kids Hand You Lemons...

Are your children always looking for a way to make a little cash?

Lemonade stands are a long-standing ritual of childhood, and a fun way for your children to learn about money, advertising and running a business. 

Plus, it gets them off the couch for the afternoon. 

While lemonade stands are fun and social, there are a few risks involved when dealing with a business, roadside service and strangers.

Share the tips below for a safe lemonade stand with your children.

Tips for a Safe Lemonade Stand
  • Always wash your hands before preparing or serving food. Be sure to keep your hands clean while your lemonade stand is open.
  • If you’re slicing lemons, have an adult help you use the sharp knife.
  • Use paper or plastic cups and pitchers instead of glass. Shattered glass would cause a safety hazard.
  • Cover the lemonade between servings to keep bugs and dirt out.
  • Be sure to have a covered trash container nearby to dispose of used cups and napkins.
  • Never operate a lemonade stand alone. Invite your friends and older siblings to help. This makes it more fun anyway.
  • Always make sure there is an adult to supervise.
  • Never approach anyone in a car to make a sale.

Searching for the best lemonade? Check out our Pinterest boards for some recipes.


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