Foodie Friday: Pirate Booty Recipe For Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, matey! 'Tis nearly Talk Like a Pirate Day! So don your eyepatch, put a toy parrot on your shoulder and whip up a batch of healthy pirate booty for your crew to snack on. 

The guidelines below are just that – guidelines. Use your imagination to mix up a snack your kids will love.

Pirate Booty Recipe

Combine any or all of the ingredients, below, and tell as silly a story as you’d like!

·         Chex cereal – the grid pattern is like the woven sails on the pirates’ ships
·         Pretzel sticks – pirate peg legs
·         Goldfish crackers – Where do fish live? Where do pirates sail? Right! The sea!
·         Raisins or dried cranberries – dried fruit for the long voyage
·         Puffed wheat cereal – like the gold nuggets the pirates were after
·         Sunflower seeds – the pirates’ parrot’s favorite food
·         Cheerios – the shape of the pirate ship’s life preserver rings
·         Chocolate or butterscotch chips –because Captain Mom likes them!

Serve in a treasure box!

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