True or False? To Lower Cholesterol, Stop Eating Eggs

Today we hear lots about “good” and “bad” foods, “good” and “bad” cholesterol  and all kinds of mixed-up information. Are eggs okay or do they raise cholesterol? What are HDL and LDL? What numbers matter when you're thinking about cholesterol?

And, really, how much do you know about the basic facts about cholesterol? 

Take our quick 5-question quiz and find out. 

Then learn the most up-to-date information about cholesterol and how you can best control it through our Health (e) Library articles and news.

How GMC Can Help

Keeping cholesterol numbers in range is key for helping prevent heart disease. And knowing your cholesterol numbers is the place to start. If it’s time for a physical, and you don’t already have a family physician, find the perfect one for you at


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