Foodie Friday: 7 Strategies For The Halloween Candy Overload

Halloween often means way too much candy in the house. Here are 7 ideas to help you deal with the stash, while keeping the sugar rush to a minimum:

Lunch boxes:  Have your child dump the stash of Halloween candy on the table and count out one piece per day to go in his or her lunch box. You decide whether it will be 7 pieces for a week’s worth or treats, 2 weeks, or more. Store this new lunch box stash out of the kids’ reach, and immediately put the rest in the trunk of your car if you’re planning to give it away.

Giveaway: Bring it into the office, donate it to the local Ronald McDonald House or other charity, or send it to our troops via a group like Operation Shoebox or Operation Gratitude.

Exchange: Some dentists and orthodontists offer to exchange candy for stickers and other healthy treats.

Recycle: Use Halloween candy to fill up goodie bags if your kids have a birthday or class party coming up.

Calculate: Use small candies like Skittles or candy corn to practice math skills.

Upcycle: Many candies will keep a long time if kept at room temperature, and most will keep indefinitely in the freezer.  You can then use the candy throughout the year to add a twist to family meals and snacks. Some ideas are: Snickers blended into frozen yogurt, cupcakes sprinkled with Nerds, M&Ms blended into trail mix, candy corn instead of marshmallows on Thanksgiving sweet potatoes, and as decorations for December’s gingerbread house.

Eat: Okay, let’s be realistic. You’re going to eat at least some of that candy yourself. Maybe follow the lunch box strategy for yourself, and set aside one piece per day for your own lunch box treat!

How GMC Can Help

Find terrific and quick snack and meal ideas, as well as healthy fall-themed treats at Gwinnett Medical Center's boards on Pinterest.


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