Foodie Friday: Choosing The Right Bedtime Snack

It's not easy to fall asleep with a growling belly, so satisfying bedtime hunger becomes important.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests these healthy snacks:

A handful of almonds with either half a banana or a handful of cherries, which contain the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.

Whole-grain crakcers and peanut butter, which contain complex carbohydrates and tryptophan, a sleep-promoting amino acid.

Warm milk, which contains calcium, magnesium and tryptophan.

A mug of decaffeinated herbal tea, but without ginseng, which can act as a stimulant.

A small bowl of whole-grain cereal or warm oatmeal with milk. These contain magnesium, carbohydrates, calcium and melatonin.

Half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, a great source of tryptophan.

How GMC Can Help

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