6 Ways To Help Kids Have A Healthy Body Image

It seems as if the age at which the media begin to influence an individual’s body image keeps getting younger. 

Parents can combat negativity by following this advice from the Department of Health and Human Services:

1.  If your child mentions weight gain, let him or her know it’s a natural part of development, especially during puberty.

2.  Watch what you say. Making disparaging statements about food, weight, body size or shape can put your child on a lifelong path of negative thinking.

3.  Let your kids make decisions about what to eat, but be sure healthful, nutritious meal and snack choices are available.

4.  Compliment your child on things unrelated to physical appearance, such as efforts in school, athleticism or other special talents.

5.  Restrict television viewing, and join your children in watching their favorite shows, so you can comment on the images and put them into perspective.

6.  Listen to your child – and talk to him or her. The more you understand what is going on in your child’s life, the more you can help establish a healthy foundation for adulthood.

How GMC Can Help
With kids come sports physicals, check-ups and immunization updates. At the Strickland Family Medicine Center we offer all of these for the whole family. Visit us online to learn more, or call 678-312-0400 for an appointment. 

While we hope you'll never need our Children's Emergency Center, we're here to care for newborns through age 17. And our Children's Emergency Center, located in Lawrenceville, is open 24/7.


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