Foodie Friday: Water Vs. Sports Drinks

After a workout, what type of drink do you reach for? Is it a cold bottle of water or a refreshing sports drink? Both are great, but each has different benefits.


Water is the most important nutrient for active people because when you sweat, you lose water. You should drink water before, during and after exercising because it helps keep you hydrated and healthy. Water is great for all workouts but especially for shorter ones.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are better for activities longer than 90 minutes. Sports drinks contain electrolytes and carbohydrates, two very important ingredients that are lost during long periods of exercise. Plus, sports drinks provide extra energy that water doesn’t during long workout sessions.

Want to know more about hydration and exercise?

GMC’s Certified Athletic Trainer Jessica Poole (and guest blogger) has written extensively on workout safety, concussion, hydration, nutrition and more. Enter “Jessica Poole” into the search box on this blog site and you’ll find a wealth of detailed information for athletes of all ages and fitness levels.


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