One Minute To Better Health: 5 To Try Right Now

No one has enough time these days, especially moms. But if you can squeeze in a few seconds, you can take one of these measures to boost your health, or the health of your family.

Lather up.
Hand washing is one of the easiest and most effective 3ways to prevent spreading cold and flu germs.

Fight the urge.
If you’re trying to quit smoking, avoid sweets, or drink less, distract yourself. Distracting yourself for as little as 60 seconds can be enough for the craving to pass.

Turn it down.
Protect your hearing by lowering the volume when you wear earbuds.

Put ‘em down faceup.
Always lay infants on their backs for sleeping.

Schedule a wellness consultation.
Sheila Warren, Gwinnett Medical Center’s women’s health navigator, offers free one-on-one wellness consultations. This free service includes heart health risk assessment, blood pressure check, body mass index calculation, a full lipid profile and blood glucose test, education and support about issues important to women, and a chance to ask her your health and wellness questions. 

Take a minute now to schedule an appointment by emailing or calling 678-312-4740.


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