8 Ways To Help Twins Develop As Individuals

Once upon a time, twins were thought to be a phenomenon brought about by magical or mystical forces. Today, while multiple births are still a serendipitous event, we know more about why and how often they happen.

According to data from the National Center for health Statistics, the odds of having twins are about three in 100. Those odds increase in older women, with 17 percent of mothers over age 45 giving birth to twins. Becoming a mother after age 50 increases your odds to one in nine.

For women undergoing fertility treatment, the chances of having twins can be as high as one in 38.

And heredity plays a role. If you, your mother or your mother’s mother is a fraternal twin, your chances of having twins go up.

To Each His (or Her) Own

While multiples share a birthday, in the long term parents should make sure they develop as distinct individuals. Here are some suggestions from kidshealth.org about how best to support each child’s individuality:

  1. Give them distinctly different names.
  2. Refer to them by name, rather than as “the twins” or “the triplets.”
  3. Avoid dressing them alike as they get older.
  4. Keep their clothes in different drawers.
  5. Give them their own toys.
  6. Give them separate gifts and cakes on their birthday.
  7. Encourage them to pursue different interests and abilities as they get older.
  8. Give them time apart.

How GMC Can Help

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