Back To Basics For The New Year

Fifty years ago, families ate dinner at the table, people enjoyed a slower pace of live and we didn’t rely on technology for entertainment. Although we probably won’t be saying goodbye to our cell phones anytime soon, we can look back to simpler times to find ways to live more balanced lives now.

To live healthy, you don’t need technology or a lot of money – that’s the beauty of it. Try a few of these simple activities, which are budget-friendly and technology-free.

Walk your pet every day and discover new paths along the way. Fido will thank you for the TLC.

Plant a small garden to grow your favorite fresh vegetables and herbs, then use them in healthy home-cooked meals.

During your morning run, ditch the iPod and allow your mind to wander.

In summer, set up camp in your backyard for the night. As a family, put a tent together and stargaze.

In winter, gather around the fire place and tell stories, or read a book aloud, as families used to do.

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