10 Ways To Fit In Exercise No Matter How Busy You Are

In January the gyms fill up, but research is showing you don’t have to become a gym rat to achieve a higher level of personal fitness. As little as ten minutes of sustained activity can improve your heart health, build muscle and burn a few calories. 

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

In the kitchen: Do standing push-ups against the kitchen counter (well away from the stove) while waiting for that pot of water to boil or the coffee to perk.

Waiting with (or for) your child: Whether it’s the bus stop, a music lesson or a sports practice, use the time to get in a walk, march in place, do jumping jacks or stretch.

Waiting for an appointment: If you’re early for the hair stylist, the doctor is running late, or your table at the restaurant isn’t ready, ask how long the wait will be then go for a brisk walk while you’re waiting. Many receptionists these days will text you when they’re ready for you, too.

At work: If you have a meeting in another building, leave your desk a few minutes early and get in some extra walking on the way.

Anywhere there are stairs: Not only take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk a few extra flights to get in a quick cardiac workout.

Standing in line: While you wait for the cashier, do some subtle yoga stretches, like mountain pose and concentrate on your breathing. Or tone your abs: stand straight then tighten your abs, holding for a breath or two. Release and repeat.

In front of the TV, part one: During commercials, declare it boot camp time for the whole family. Run in place, do standing leg lifts, strengthen your arms with some light weights or stretchy bands. (Kids will love this one!)

In front of the TV, part two: While you’re sitting, use small weights or stretchy bands to do leg lifts and arm exercises.

Build on a habit: You probably already brush your teeth at least twice a day, and you can turn these minutes into a mini workout. March in place or do squats while you brush. Then add on a habit – do some crunches, pushups or hold a plank for a minute or two after you brush your teeth. Think of other habits you already have where you could add on a fitness minute.

Traveling: Allow enough time so that you can walk to your gate instead of using the train, bus or moving sidewalk. Walk around the concourse while you’re waiting for your flight. If you’re driving, every time you stop for a break, run in place or get in a brisk walk.

How GMC Can Help

With fitness classes, a running clinic, fitness assessments and personal fitness training, Gwinnett Medical Center is working to help make the entire community healthier. And if you’re interested in medical weight management or bariatric surgery, our Center for Weight Management at Gwinnett Medical Center offers a multidisciplinary team to work with you throughout your journey to better health, providing medical, dietary, exercise, behavioral and peer support designed to meet your individual needs.


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