Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And How To Avoid It

Do you have 

Throbbing, achy hands?

Hurting hands that wake you up at night?

Numbness and tingling in your fingers?

These may all be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The carpal tunnel is a structure in the hand that houses ligaments, bone and the median nerve, which controls sensations in the thumb and index, middle and ring fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is when the median nerve becomes compressed in the tunnel because of swelling or irritation.

While much is unknown about how or why some people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, here are some tips to reduce your risk:

  • Go easy on your hands. For instance, avoid repeatedly banging something hard with the palm of your hand, as that can aggravate hand muscles.
  • Think before your grip. Be mindful of how much time you devote to activities that require constant gripping, such as gardening tasks like pulling weeds.
  • Reduce bad vibrations. Motorcycles and push lawnmowers have handlebars with heavy vibrations. This can lead to carpal tunnel.

How GMC Can Help

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