For Heart Health, 10-Minute Segments Can Make A Difference

At the February meeting of GLOW (Gwinnett Leadership Organization for Women), Becky Thompson, GMC Running and Fitness Specialist, shared the American Heart Association's guidelines on physical activity for heart health:

For heart health you should have:

Either 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days/week (total 150 minutes)
25 minutes of vigorous activity at least 3 days/week (total 75 minutes)

Plus moderate to high intensity strengthening 2 days/week.

Examples of moderate intensity aerobic activity include walking, gardening and slow biking.

Examples of vigorous activity include running, swimming laps and fast biking

“Start where you are,” recommended Thompson. “heart benefits happen with as little as 10 - 15 minute segments spread throughout the day.”

She also said that if you have an activity monitor, that doesn't substitute for the above plan. “The trackers are to help us remember to stand up and walk more, sit less and eat better,” she added. “The daily goal of 10,000 steps may not be the right goal for an individual. Some people’s goal should be lower and some higher.”

How GMC Can Help

With fitness classes, a running clinicfitness assessments and personal fitness training, Gwinnett Medical Center is working to help make the entire community healthier. And if you’re interested in medical weight management or bariatric surgery, our Center for Weight Management at Gwinnett Medical Center offers a multidisciplinary team to work with you throughout your journey to better health, providing medical, dietary, exercise, behavioral and peer support designed to meet your individual needs.


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