Foodie Friday: Better Your BLT

It’s National BLT Sandwich Month, and who doesn’t love a good BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato)? 

Here in the South, the perfect BLT is made with savory bacon, crisp lettuce and mouthwatering summer tomatoes, all piled on white bread. Usually the debate centers around which brand of mayonnaise to use.

But it’s probably not the healthiest sandwich choice with high levels of salt and saturated fat, and low levels of protein and fiber.

Here are some ideas to enjoy your BLT, and make it a little healthier, too.

  • Use avocado or a thin layer of low-fat cream cheese as a spread on the bread instead of mayonnaise
  • Use whole grain bread instead of white bread
  • Make it open-faced, using lettuce to substitute for the top layer of bread
  • Skip the bread altogether and wrap the tomato and bacon (and maybe a slice of avocado) in a lettuce leaf
  • Use turkey bacon instead of regular bacon
  • Use half the amount of regular bacon, but crumble it into bacon bits so you’ll get some in every bite
  • Double up on the tomatoes for more antioxidants and fiber
  • Choose a dark lettuce instead of iceberg, and double the amount used
  • Turn the sandwich into a salad with lots of lettuce and tomato, with bacon crumbled on top

How GMC Can Help

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