Foodie Friday: The Scoop on Dried Fruit

Did you know that April 30 is National Raisin Day? 

While we often think of raisins and other dried fruit as not-so-exciting additions to cereal, muffins or trail mix, these dehydrated bits can have a bigger role in a healthy diet. Here are some health benefits of dried fruit, plus some things to watch out for:


  • Most of the nutrition of the fresh fruit is still in the dried fruit
  • The concentrated sweet taste may help you replace cookies, candy and other non-nutritious sweets with a small amount of dried fruit
  • Dried fruit is a great, portable snack that needs no refrigeration, no cutting and no special packaging

Watch out for:

  • Mindless noshing on dried fruits can lead to a lot of sugar and calories fast
  • Some dried fruits have added sugar (like dried cranberries)
  • Dried fruits should not make up the majority of fruit in your diet. It’s okay from time to time, though.

How GMC Can Help

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