New! GMC and the YMCA of Metro Atlanta Offer Special Exercise Program for Cancer Survivors

Gwinnett Medical Center and the YMCA of Metro Atlanta are teaming up to offer a special exercise program for cancer survivors to help maintain and improve their overall state of wellness during and after treatment. 

Called GMC at the Y, the program aims to help survivors lower their risk of recurrence, a key concern for those who have had cancer. The program also aims to improve the strength, stamina, and health of those with active cancer.

Through a program developed by the Y, cancer survivors who are treated at the Cancer Institute at GMC will now have access to special exercise assistance tailored for cancer survivors. GMC at the Y initially will be in place at six local Ys.

“There are varying phases of cancer treatment and recovery that have physical and emotional implications,” said GMC-affiliated oncologist Kevin Peacock, MD. “Exercise helps with the prevention of some forms of cancer and helps cancer patients cope.  Exercise effectively addresses anxiety, fatigue and weight gain – all of which are common side effects of cancer recovery. Research shows exercise plays a vital role in helping cancer survivors feel better and more in control of their health,” he said.

Survivors also will have free access, as do all Y members, to the metro Y’s unique Coach Approach®, an exercise support process in which a wellness coach helps a person stay on track with an individualized physical activity program. The Coach Approach® was developed by James Annesi, Ph.D., director of wellness advancement for the YMCA of Metro Atlanta.

“Partnering with the Cancer Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center on this program is such a natural fit for us,” Kristin McEwen, Senior VP for the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. “With the Y’s accessible, community-based support centers throughout metro Atlanta and programs like The Coach Approach®, we can help so many cancer survivors improve their quality of life through exercise and restore hope to them and their families.”

For more information about GMC at the Y, email or call 678-312-3183.


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