Tips to Run Safer, Smarter & Better

It may not be as trendy as Pilates or power yoga, but running is still one of the best aerobic workouts to burn fat and reduce stress. Experts have long linked many health benefits to running. It helps increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol; helps with weight loss; builds strong bones; improves balance and coordination; lowers your risk for heart disease and diabetes; and helps improve sleep.

As you can see, the health benefits of running are almost too many to count. Now comes the hard part—actually running. Before you lace up your running shoes, here are the running essentials to help you every step of the way.

Gait Analysis: Run Better

Getting a gait analysis at the Running Clinic at Gwinnett Medical Center, will enable you to improve performance and prevent injury.

Running is a very unique movement that includes stability, flexibility, mobility and strength. An analysis of these combined functions allows our experts to see how your body moves, including areas of inefficiency. These inefficiencies can cause your body to compensate and can lead to dysfunction, which prevents you from reaching your full potential as a runner and, over time, can lead to injury. By conducting a gait analysis, we are able to identify any issues and work with you to prevent injury and increase performance.

Running Resources: Run Smarter

Running goes beyond just the physical, it is also mental. In order to ensure that you have access to up-to-date information about everything from meal planning and places to run, to training ideas and injury prevention, Gwinnett Medical Center offers several online resources.

Our publication, Vim & Vigor, is full of educational and inspirational material. You can access articles such as “Your First 5K” and many more by visiting our archive.

Additionally, our Health (e) Library is full of articles that cover a wide range of topics related to running, such as “Ready, Set, Run!”. To explore numerous other articles and learn more about running and other health topics visit our Health (e) Library.

Personal Training Sessions: Run Healthier

Every runner has a unique gait and stride length, body type and level of flexibility. For this reason, runners need individual solutions—whether in getting them back from injury or simply to improve their performance. Personal training sessions are available to promote a strong core, increase flexibility and implement good running biomechanics.

Sports Rehabilitation: Run Safer

Have you been sidelined from running due to an injury? One of our licensed physical therapists will evaluate and treat your injury with the ultimate goal of returning you to running and decreasing the risk for further injury. Using a variety of tools and exercises, your program will be tailored to your specific problem areas and injury.

The Running Clinic at Gwinnett Medical Center wants to keep you running longer and stronger. We offer access to some of the country’s leading athletic trainers, concussion experts, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and running & exercise specialists.


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