Simple Steps Can Keep Lawn Mowing Safe

Summer months bring an increase in sunshine, green grass and the potential for lawn mower accidents.
Year after year, accidents related to lawn mowers continue to happen. Unfortunately, thousands are injured every year, many of them children. So how do we make lawn mowing safer? Start with following the safety guidelines that the mowers include and ask yourself these questions to ensure you and your children stay safe while mowing.
  •          When was the last time you had a professional look at your mower?

Keep your lawn mower in good working order and have it serviced before you use it each season. There are little things that many of us may overlook or miss that a professional may catch. When you inspect your mower yourself, make sure the motor is off and use a stick or broom handle, not your hands or feet, to remove debris.
  •          Did you actually read the manual?

Always read the instruction manual!  There is detailed information that is important to know. No matter how obvious it may seem, every mower is different and it’s important to know in what ways. Never remove safety devices, shields or guards on switches.
  •          Do you use these mowing essentials every time you mow?

Add fuel before starting the engine, not when it is running or hot.
Never leave a running lawn mower unattended.
Avoid touching the engine covering, which can become extremely hot and burn unprotected flesh.
Wear sturdy shoes, long pants, protective gloves and goggles when mowing.
Never drink alcohol before using a mower.
Check for and remove stones, toys and other objects from the lawn before mowing.
Mow across slopes when using a push mower, and mow up and down slopes when using a riding mower.
  •          Where are your kids?

Teach children to stay away from running lawn mowers and never let them play in or near an area being mowed. Never let children ride on a mower. Children should be at least age 12 before using a push mower and 16 before using a riding mower.

While we hope you’ll never need our emergency departments or Children’s Emergency Center, we’re open to care for you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are staffed by expert doctors and nurses specially trained in emergency care. 


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