Sparkle with Safety: 4 must do's for you and your furry friends

Summertime is filled with several festive occasions worthy of celebrating, one of the most notable being the 4th of July. Many of us enjoy the holiday with good food, good conversation and good fireworks. However, like many holidays, the 4th of July also brings with it more people, more traffic and more food; all of which can be stressful and dangerous. 

While you may want to focus on the fun ahead, a holiday like this one is not a time to skimp on safety. Despite the holiday hazards, there are steps you can take to make this 4th of July the best one yet!  And it isn’t just us humans who benefit; your furry friends will thank you, too.  

Take Travel Safety Seriously: No matter where you spend your holiday, driving hazards are at an all-time high during the 4th of July holiday. We aren’t just talking about cars; boats and jet skis can also be dangerous. Make sure that no alcohol is consumed when operating any type of vehicle and distractions like loud music and cellphone use are prohibited.

Pets could also use some extra protection while traveling this holiday. Don’t allow animals to roam around cars freely, keep their heads inside and make sure they have a chance to use the restroom frequently. Always keep their collars on with ID tags so if they are accidentally let outdoors, they can be identified and returned quickly. Of course it is ideal if your pet can stay in the safety of their home this weekend, but if necessary, use these tips to keep them safe during travel.

Stay Sensitive to Stomach Dangers: Festive occasions call for delicious food, but keep in mind those hotdogs and hamburgers do add up. Opt for healthier options when possible; reach for crisp veggies instead of salty chips or corn on the cob instead of potato salad. Eating slowly and mindfully can prevent an upset stomach or gas and bloating.
For your pets, avoid giving them table scraps that are high in fat, such as skin from roasted turkey or chicken, or fat trimmed from meat. They can upset your pet's digestive tract or even cause painful and potentially deadly pancreas problems. Also, keep a lookout for dangling decorations. Things like string and ribbons may look like fun to your pet, but they can cause serious stomach and intestinal damage.

Don’t Try to Beat the Heat: It’s easy to spend hours outdoors when you’re playing games, lounging by the pool or hanging around by the grill; but time spent outdoors can take its toll. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water and stay protected from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. Take frequent breaks and spend some time indoors to give you and your pet a break from the heat.
The same goes for your pets. Make sure that you provide ample water and shade for them; animals can get sunburns just like humans can. You should also test the pavement temperature to ensure that it is not too hot. If you can hold your hand on the ground for at least 5 seconds, then it should be safe for your pet’s paws.
Keep Fireworks Hazard-less: Fireworks can sure be beautiful from afar, but up close they pose quite the safety threat. Make sure that you use extreme caution when handling fireworks. Pay close attention to eyes, hands and ears. Keep a water source handy in case of malfunction or fire.
Your pet’s ears and eyes are also very sensitive to fireworks. The noise from fireworks can be incredibly stressful and scary for them, so keep them indoors. Try leaving a toy for them to enjoy and playing soft music will help with firework noise.

While we hope you’ll never need our emergency departments or Children’s Emergency Center, we’re open to care for you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are staffed by expert doctors and nurses specially trained in emergency care. 


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