Strong Seniors: Exercise ideas for older adults

Staying active only gets more important with age, but it can also become harder to do. Finding creative and safe ways to get exercise as you get older is important as it will improve your overall health. In fact, one study found that adults ages 75 and older who exercised lived longer than older adults who did not exercise.

Exercise is powerful; it can help to boost heart health, maintain healthy body weight, keep joints flexible and healthy and improve balance to reduce falls. Now you may be thinking you have to be a marathon runner to get all of these health benefits when in fact you only need a minimum of two and a half hours of aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activity two days per week.

Easy Ways to Exercise:

While some have the vision that exercise can only be an intense form of activity, it comes in many forms, including several activities that feel more like fun than hard work.

Just Dance: Sign up for a dance class with your spouse or a friend. Even better, carve out some dance time at home listening to some of your favorite music.

Bowl a Strike: Join a bowling league or make a weekly date with some of your friends. This is a great activity not only physically, but mentally as well. Enjoy the fun of a little  competition.

Make a Tee Time: Going golfing is a great activity to stretch and use several muscle groups. It is also a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Similar to bowling, strategy and mental edge are an important part of golf.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h: Yoga is a great way to enjoy a low impact activity that is nourishing for the body and mind. This activity is a great way to strengthen and stretch lean muscles and to improve balance.

Make a Splash: Swimming is an excellent exercise choice, particularly if you have arthritis joint pain. There are plenty of great options for swimming, whether it is a community pool or a natural body of water. Work in regular swims to make it an aerobic workout.

Getting older doesn't mean slowing down. You've got to keep moving to stay young at heart…as well as in mind, body, and spirit. Remember, though, no matter how healthy you feel it is essential to talk with your physician before beginning an exercise routine. Even better, try joining a specialized program, like PrimeTime Health, designed to provide valuable services exclusively designed for adults age 50 and older. 


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