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11 Tips To Beat Your Afternoon Energy Slump

Some of us wake up full of energy ready to start the day. While others may start off feeling tired and only continue to get more and more tired as the day continues on. Either way, nearly all of us experience the notorious afternoon slump.
When 3 p.m. strikes you know the feeling. The yawning begins as you struggle to keep your eyes open and your mind focused. You may reach for a quick pick-me-up like candy or your favorite caffeinated beverage, but what if you could take steps to prevent these energy lags all together? Here are some simple ways to keep your energy flowing throughout the day.
Don't miss breakfast
The best way to keep your energy level at peak performance is to start the day with breakfast. Skipping any meal affects your concentration, which makes it harder to solve problems. And missed meals mean you miss out on nutrients and end up overeating later.
Pick high-energy carbs
For a quick burst of fuel, choose foods high in complex carbohydrates. These are healthful sourc…

5 Fresh Forms Of Indoor Fitness

When the temperature drops this winter, don't let your motivation for exercise fall along with it.
Cold weather doesn't have to put a chill on your fitness routine, even if the treadmill or stair-stepper seems boring compared with jogging or riding your bike outside. It’s important to ask yourself: How can I make exercise different to make it more motivating?
If you're seeking an answer, you may want to consider these 5 indoor fitness choices, recommended by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Some of these choices build on familiar activities, while others may be completely new. Either way, these indoor fitness options are sure to give your fitness routine some variety, which is good both mentally and physically.
Here's a real kick
Kickboxing uses martial arts kicks and punches in an aerobicclass setting. Kickboxing is a high-intensity exercise. A 135-pound person is likely to burn 350 calories to 450 calories during a 50-minute class, the ACE says.
Participants need …

The Physical Power Of Social Support

Certain behaviors may help safeguard you from illness and disease. These include exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. Here may be another: staying socially connected. It may well do your mind and body lots of good. To further explore the power of social support, Dana Neacsu, MD, a hospitalist at Gwinnett Medical Center with expertise in integrative and functional medicine, shares her expertise.
Boosting your health
Everyone you associate with is part of your social network. That may include family members, close friends, coworkers, team mates and acquaintances. Some of these people you may interact with regularly. Others you may not see or speak with for long stretches of time. No matter their relationship to you, they may play a part in keeping you healthy.
Ongoing research shows the power of social support. People who are socially connected tend to live longer. They also may fare better after an illness. In fact, a recent study asked a group of adults who suffered a heart at…

Healing To Wholeness: Mind, Body & Spirit

When you think of health care, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe your local hospital or perhaps you picture a doctor or nurse. However, at Gwinnett Medical Center providing care to the whole person means much more than that.
The Faith Community Nursing department at GMC redefines what it means to provide complete care for patients and members of the community. By forming partnerships with faith communities to establish and support health ministries, those who need it most are able to gain access to health information, education and resources. This happens through the Faith Community Nursing program and the Faith Community Network program at GMC.
What do Faith Community Nurses do?
While Faith Community Nurses have many responsibilities within the community, their sole focus is to support the mental, physical and spiritual needs of community members. As registered nurses who have received specialized education and training, they are uniquely qualified to provide guidance an…

Kids & Cars: What Every Parent Should Know

Surprisingly, children between the ages of 3 and 14, suffer the most accidental injury-related deaths from riding in motor vehicles. Children are more likely to be injured, suffer more severe injuries, or die in motor vehicle crashes when car safety is not made a priority.
Every year too many children are injured or killed due to high-risk situations that could be avoided entirely. Parents may be unaware of the dangers associated with certain motor vehicle situations. 
This leads to even the basics of motor vehicle safety being overlooked. So, in an effort to help prevent these dangerous situations, Howard Ellis, MD, a pediatrician with Mason Pediatrics, a Gwinnett Medical Group practice, offers some of the most important safety precautions every parent should know.
Using Safety Restraints is a Must
Physically, children are smaller than average adults. Their smaller size means that the standard safety belts in motor vehicles do not properly fit to protect children's bodies.
One age g…

Holiday Spices That Help Your Health

By Sheila Warren, RN, GMC Women’s Health navigator
The holidays are coming and so are some of my favorite flavors. The holiday spices, like other spices, are created from plants, and have unexpected health benefits. Just remember to use them in healthier food choices instead of high-fat treats! CinnamonCinnamon sticks are the dried inner bark of the cinnamon tree, and is one of the oldest known spices. It’s also available as a ground powder. Try adding a dash to your oatmeal, coffee or tea, for a boost of nutrients and flavor. Health benefits include:  May help control blood sugar, according to a recent studyStudies of the oils in cinnamon show it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatoryCinnamon’s scent improves focusClovesCloves are the unopened flower buds from an evergreen clove tree. When picked, they are pink and turn brown with drying. In addition to adding ground cloves to holiday sweets, they add a rich note to bean dishes including soup and chili. Health benefits include: Rich in …

A Better Way to Holiday: Tips To Survive Seasonal Stress

Let’s be honest, December, with all of its festivities, can be downright stressful. It often brings extra social and financial obligations, and after all of that, who has time to stick to healthy eating and daily exercise habits?
But before you give up on those healthy routines, you may be surprised to learn that by taking care of yourself, stress is oftentimes easier to manage. And let’s not forget, holidays are for enjoying, not for surviving. So, this holiday season, try some new traditions that may help ease the season’s stress and make your holidays healthy and happy for the entire family.
Physical Health
When the holidays become more than you bargained for, your health can be compromised. And stress can put extra demands on your body. Here are some tips on keeping up your health during the holiday season:
Don't do too much. While that may be difficult to define, if things are beginning to feel more like obligations, rather than celebrations, it may be time to take a break. Give…

4 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Atherosclerosis

Your good health has an enemy — atherosclerosis. Even with a name you may not recognize, atherosclerosis is very common and its effects can be very serious. Oftentimes, symptoms may not be recognized until the condition becomes severe, causing problems throughout the body, even stroke or a heart attack. The good news is that you can take steps to protect yourself from this disease.
What is atherosclerosis?
The inside walls of healthy arteries are smooth and clean. This makes it easy to transport the blood your body needs. But arteries can become clogged when fatty substances like cholesterol stick to arteries. These deposits are called plaque.
When plaque begins to build up, it can eventually slow or block the flow of blood. This blockage is atherosclerosis. It can affect any medium- to large-sized artery in your body. When atherosclerosis affects the arteries that supply blood to the heart, it’s called coronary artery disease.
Are you at risk?
While there are some risk factors you can’t…

Believe It Or Not: Foods That Help Fight Colds

When you aren’t feeling well, chances are you’ll try just about anything to find some much needed relief. But before you reach for that glass of orange juice and bowl of chicken noodle soup, you should know that those may not help your upset tummy or achy head. 

Now you may be wondering, just what are the best foods and drinks when you’re under the weather? Well…it depends.
Believe it or not, there are certain foods and drinks that can actually worsen symptoms while you’re sick. So to ensure that your diet helps and doesn’t hinder you, Hira Kohli, MD, a family medicine specialist with Gwinnett Medical Group,provides a comprehensive list of the best foods to have while you’re sick. These foods will support the healing process and help to relieve symptoms.
Tummy Troubles
If you have diarrhea or nausea, eating or drinking anything can be the last thing you want to do; however, it is important to replenish your body and prevent dehydration.
While there are many possible reasons why your stom…