7 Healthy Reasons To Love Kissing Even More

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s hard to not think about delicious sweet treats, fresh flowers and of course, romance. One of the best ways to express affection and care for your sweetheart is with a big, juicy kiss. But the fun doesn’t stop there as kissing brings with it some surprising health perks, too.

Here are 7 great—and healthy—reasons to indulge in extra kisses every day, especially this Valentine’s Day:

   1. Kissing can reduce blood pressure. When you kiss your lovebug, it dilates your blood vessels, ensuring a healthy blood flow throughout your entire body.

   2. Kissing raises your heart rate. Kissing your sweet pea can cause your heart to beat a little bit faster thanks to a release of adrenaline.

   3. You give your orbicularis oris a workout. While kissing, you primarily use your orbicularis oris muscle. This is what allows you to pucker your lips.

   4. You may burn a few calories in the process. Sharing a passionate kiss with your honey bun for at least one minute can actually burn up to 26 calories.

   5. Kissing can relieve stress. When kissing your cuddle bug, the stress hormone, cortisol, will be lowered, helping you to feel relaxed and safe.

   6. You’ll feel happy. A kiss from your cutie pie will spark an increase of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, feel-good hormones that will leave you feeling happy.

   7. Kissing makes you mindful. With a disproportionate number of nerve endings in your lips, the intense feeling of kissing your love nugget can pull you fully into the moment.

In addition to the health boost that kissing provides, here are some other ways to fill your Valentine’s Day with health and fun:

Enjoy some dark chocolate. As one of the best sources of antioxidants (vitamin C and E), dark chocolate supports overall health, namely the health of your skin and heart.

Get sweaty. Going to exercise, even for 30 minutes, will boost your mood and have you looking and feeling better. Plus, experts say that exercise can increase confidence and self-satisfaction.

Make a date with the spa. Enjoying a relaxing massage can help you feel more relaxed both physically and mentally. It can even help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, digestive disorders and headaches.

Put your health first. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your health some much needed love. The experienced providers of Gwinnett Medical Group Primary Care can provide you with the customized care you need to feel your best. 


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