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Can Foods Really Help Heal Dry Skin?

For some, the freezing temps, whipping wind and lack of daylight are the best, most refreshing parts of winter (those people are few and far between, though). For the rest of us, winter weather has long lost its charm. Instead of leaving the comfort of the indoors to battle the frigid cold, many of us curl up on the couch and bask in the warmth. After all, it seems like a no-brainer—right?
And while all that glorious warm air, those snuggly (yet itchy) fabrics and extra-long, extra-hot showers may seem like the perfect way to spend a chilly day, it’s actually a recipe for chapped, dry skin—something that’s as annoying as it is painful.
So, when all the lotion and skin cream in the world don’t provide relief for dry skin, what should you do? As it turns out, the answer might be hiding in the foods you eat—or don’t eat. To help quench your thirsty, dry skin, try these nourishing foods:
Pomegranate seeds: If fruits and vegetables don’t top your grocery list during the winter months, you’r…

The 5 Key Differences Between A Cold & The Flu


Ever Wondered This About Your Vaginal Health? You’re Not Alone

When it comes to vaginal health, it seems like many of us have more questions than answers. Whether you’re wondering if this period symptom is something serious or you’re worried you might have an infection, it can be hard to know what’s normal. Even with all those questions, most women go to their annual well-woman check-up without thinking twice about what their provider is actually doing.

So, to help you better understand your vaginal health and Thaddeus Lancaster, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist with Gwinnett Physicians Group–OB/GYN answers some of the most common questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but haven’t.

Q. What does a pap test check?

A. Also called a pap smear, this test involves collecting a few cells off the wall of the cervix. These cells are sent to a lab where the test looks for any abnormal cells.

Q. What can cause abnormal pap test results (and what does an abnormal result mean)?

A.  If the pap test comes back negative, that means there were no abnormal cells. …

Have You Stopped Dropping Pounds? Don't Overlook This

Welcome to the end of week #2—another week towards your New Year’s resolution and 2018 goals. By now you’re likely feeling one of two ways; either super motivated as you see results, or unmotivated by a lack thereof. That’s probably why today actually marks the day when most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions.
So, for those of you that have made achieving a healthy weight your New Year’s goal, it’s time to listen up. Even with eating a balanced diet and getting routine exercise, there are many factors that can make weight loss difficult (to say the least). Common things—besides food—that can impact your ability to lose weight include:
·Chronic stress ·Too little sleep ·An imbalance of gut bacteria ·A low resting metabolism
But let’s not forget one of the most common culprits behind slowed weight loss—not adjusting your diet as you lose weight. Unfortunately, that same diet that helped you to shed pounds a few weeks ago may lose effectiveness as you weigh less and less. So, how…

New Year = More Exercise? Start With These Workouts

If you’re one of the thousands who have made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more—kudos to you. While there may be some doubt as to how effective these resolutions are, any excuse to exercise—improved health, stress relief or weight loss—is a good one.
But before you let your excitement get the best of you, let’s take a step back and make sure you’re kicking off your renewed commitment to exercise the best way possible. Especially if you’re like many who’ve left their exercise routine in November, just as the holiday season settled in.
The truth is, if you’ve taken a month or more off from your exercise routine, you’ll need to ease back into workouts. That means listening to your body and accepting that you may not be able to exercise with the same intensity or endurance as before. But not to worry, you’ll be back up to speed in no time (thanks, muscle memory).
So, if it’s too quick to jump back onto the treadmill for an hour, or attend your favorite HIIT class, where should you st…

Are You Wearing the Right Thing to Bed?


The 7 Worst Foods For Vaginal Health

As if you needed another reason to eat healthier, especially with the start of a new year. Turns out, though, eating a balanced diet not only supports weight loss, boosted energy and improved digestion, it also helps to maintain vaginal health. 

According to Sheila Warren, RN, women's health navigator at Gwinnett Medical Center, everything from discomfort and cramping to infection prevention and sexual function can be impacted by your diet. 

The truth is, your vagina already does a miraculous job maintaining its overall health and cleanliness. For better or worse, though, the foods you eat do play a powerful role in your health down there. For instance, eating fish rich in omega-3s and probiotic-rich foods help to support the health of your lady parts.

While this doesn't mean that you need to drastically change your diet, after all, many of these foods are very nutritious, it's important to know if the foods you eat are helping or hurting your vaginal health:

Sweet stuff. Thos…

Surprising Signs Your Metabolism May Be Off

Have you ever been jealous of that younger friend who can eat just about anything and doesn't seem to gain any weight? While it may be tempting to blame the disparity on metabolism alone, this likely isn't the case (don't forget about physical activity and muscle mass). After all, the rate at which your body burns calories is only one facet of what your metabolism actually does.

According to Devin Vicknair, Ph.D, behavioral health coordinator at GMC's Center for Weight Management, you can thank your metabolism for powering everything from breathing and blinking to circulation and hormone production. Basically anything that requires energy, you metabolism works to support. So, how can you tell if your metabolism is running smoothly? Not too slow and not too fast--just right. 

Whether you suspect your metabolism to be a slow poke or a speed racer, Dr. Vicknair suggests you watch for these sneaky signs to be sure it's not out of whack:

You're extra tired or wired. If…