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The Perfect V-day Menu: 9 Healthy Foods That May Spark Romance

You were probably hoping that we would be talking about all of the surprising benefits of delicious Valentine’s Day candy, but no such luck. Instead, we’re swapping out tasty chocolate for raw oysters. Just kidding.
While oysters may be one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, they aren’t exactly the yummiest option when it comes to foods that can spark the love and improve your health. In fact, there are over 20 different foods—some easier to find than others—that claim the name of aphrodisiac. But do they really live up to their reputation?
“Well, it’s complicated,” says Sheila Warren, RN, GMC’s Health Navigator. “Many experts believe that the placebo effect plays a major role in how romantic people feel when eating these foods, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still enjoy them.” After all, these foods provide healthful nutrients that support a variety of different functions, including hormone levels, blood flow and energy—all of which play a role in sexual health.
So, this Valentin…

Everyone Has Diarrhea: 7 Things You Should Know

The runs. The squirts. Or just plain ol’ diarrhea. Whatever name you give it, there’s simply no denying that it stinks—in more ways than one. Between the cramping, pain, urgency and discomfort, having diarrhea is just downright miserable.
And thanks to a variety of different causes—ranging from infections and food allergies to medication reactions and IBS—it may seem impossible to avoid that next, looming episode of tummy torture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of a bad situation.
So, while it may feel like your stomach hates you, diarrhea is usually just a temporary condition that will pass in a day or 2. But, depending on your symptoms, a day or 2 may feel like an eternity. Here are 7 things to keep in mind the next time it strikes (some of them will help you find the relief you need ASAP):
1. The most common causes of diarrhea:
·Contaminated food or water (bacteria that may contaminate food or water include campylobacter, salmonella, shigella and E. coli)
·Viral infect…

If You’re Feeling Exhausted (Even After Sleeping A Full Night)—Here’s Why

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up feeling refreshed after a sound night’s sleep. After all, there’s no greater feeling than finally dozing off after a long day or week. So, why is it that despite getting 7+ hours of solid shut eye, the afternoon hours still hit you like a ton of bricks?
The simple answer is—it’s complicated. That’s because everything from your pre-sleep routine and undiagnosed sleep disorders to the way you wake-up and your daily habits, all impact your energy levels (or lack thereof).
So, assuming you already know that looking at your phone right before bed is a no-no, let’s focus on some of the other common culprits causing your on-going energy struggles:
1. You’re not actually sleeping soundly. Now you think you’d know it if you had a sleep disorder—right? Well, turns out that 95% of the 70 million Americans with a sleep disorder are undiagnosed. And that’s because many sleep disorders have subtle symptoms and it’s hard to notice them while you’re…

Appendicitis vs. Pancreatitis: What You Need To Know

On the one hand, your digestive tract does some amazing stuff—like breaking down food and liquid to help nourish cells and provide you with energy. However, on the other hand, your digestive tract also does some not so amazing stuff—like producing gallstones, acid reflux, bloating, gas and constipation—and that’s just the beginning. In all seriousness, though, you likely experience one or more of these tummy troubles daily.
But when is that daily stomach struggle actually something more? (Like it is for millions of people). And what should you do about it?
When it’s not just stomach pain…
While appendicitis may not be your first thought when your stomach hurts, there’s a reason it’s still the most common type of stomach emergency, right along with acute pancreatitis. Now, if you thought these conditions were basically the same thing, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick look at their key differences:
What is appendicitis?
Your appendix is just a little guy—about the size of your finger—with a …

6 Shocking Ways You're Harming Your Heart Every Day

We all know that diet and exercise play a major role in heart health—it’s old news by now. So, if you’re someone who has their heart health routine down to a science; avoiding foods high in fat, sugar and salt, and regularly getting moderate and vigorous exercise; there’s nothing to worry about—right? Maybe. Maybe not.
While there’s no denying that diet and exercise are essential for heart health—and they aren’t half bad for your overall health, either—there are other surprising (and subtle) factors that can take a toll on your heart. According to Sean Delaney, MD, a cardiologist affiliated with Gwinnett Medical Center, these are the key factors you may be overlooking:
1. You’re stressed. When you feel stressed—which is a daily reality for many of us—your body responds by releasing the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones cause a chain reaction in your body: your heart rate rises, your blood vessels narrow and your blood pressure spikes. And if you’re always str…

If You Avoid Any Super Bowl Snacks—It Should Be These

For the sake of tradition, there’s no point in trying to swear off all delicious food this weekend. After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying something tasty while watching hours upon hours of football—and entertaining commercials.
Now, considering that many of us in the great state of GA are in a bit of a football hangover, we may be doing more eating than watching. Unfortunately, though, many of the go-to foods for Super Bowl Sunday aren’t exactly healthy—that’s right, we’re talking about you, buffalo chicken dip.
By now you’re probably tired of seeing different, healthy Super Bowl snack recipes, so instead of adding to that list, we’re opting for a short list of the unhealthiest foods you should steer clear of (or at least limit your intake).
   1. Deep-Fried Wings. You may try and argue that these tasty eats are full of enough protein to be considered healthy. That’s not exactly the case—nice try, though. Unfortunately, many deep-fried varieties boast a whopping amount of sa…