7 Ways To Beat Bad Breath (No Gum Needed)

When you get a big whiff of someone’s bad breath (pee-yew), the very first thing most of us do is a quick self-check. Is it time for some gum or a mint? After all, walking around with something stuck in your teeth or with stinky breath can be mildly embarrassing. Especially if doing a quick tooth brushing isn't exactly convenient. 

So, the next time you eat something stinky, like red onion on your salad or tasty garlic toast, what can you do to freshen up your breath? 

If your gum or mint supply is running on empty, try these 7 simple tricks:

1.    Reach for some water. Drinking cold water will help to rinse away any food particles, as well as bacteria. And bonus, it helps to prevent dry mouth, which can intensify bad breath.

2.    And don’t forget a lemon wedge. Fresh lemon is full of citric acid which helps to stimulate saliva and wash away bad breath.

3.    Take time for tea. Similar to water, tea can help rinse away any surface-level particles in your mouth. And black and green tea are rich in polyphenols, which help to prevent bacteria.

4.    Add some crunch. Snacking on coarse produce, like celery, carrots or apples can help to get rid of debris between teeth.

5.    Try a little seasoning. Fresh herbs, like parsley, basil, mint and cilantro all have chlorophyll, which helps to minimize odors. And they don’t taste half bad either.

6.    Add a little gloss. While this may not directly get rid of the smell, a well-scented lip balm can help to camouflage it.

7.     Get to the bottom of your breath. There's no denying that we’ve all fought off breath that bites one time or another. But if you’re consistently battling it—and nothing you do seems to help—it may be time to see your primary care provider. Chronic bad breath can be the result of anything from diabetes and post-nasal drip to GI disorders and vitamin deficiency. Your bad breath may be trying to tell you something (besides getting a new toothbrush every 3 months).


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