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Are Prostate Exams A Go Or No-Go?

When you hear the term prostate cancer you know it can’t be good. But surprisingly, what’s even worse—to some guys anyway—is the dreaded prostate exam. Who would’ve thought? Maybe it’s the latex glove that immediately comes to mind. Or maybe it’s the uncertainty surrounding prostate-specific antigen tests. Regardless of the cause, prostate exams are a no-go for most men.
The fact remains that prostate cancer is still a big deal. For instance, did you know that prostate cancer is actually more common in men than breast cancer is in women? Or that nearly 3 million American men currently live with the disease?
Despite all these facts, though, just the thought of having a prostate exam is enough to keep most guys far, far away from the doctor’s office. But with recent studies calling into question the accuracy and value of prostate exams, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. So what exactly does this mean for you?
It’s time we set the record straight. That’s why we’re here to give y…

Are You Salty Or Sweet? Here's What Your Cravings Mean

Have you ever wondered why some people have a sweet tooth, while others are all about savory/salty foods? Maybe it’s just personal preference? Like for those that claim they simply don’t like sweet foods—must be nice. But more likely it’s the fact that cravings are a reflection of our overall health and everyday habits—diet, exercise, sleep and other health conditions, like vitamin or nutrient deficiencies.
This isn’t to say that craving salt and sugar is a bad thing, though. Despite what you’ve heard about these two dietary demons, they aren’t all bad. "In fact, both of them are essential for normal bodily functions," explains Tik Pau, MD, a primary care provider with GMG's Bostock Family Medicine. "For instance, salt (aka: sodium) is vital for muscle fibers, nerve impulses and fluid balance, says Dr. Pau, "whereas sugar (aka: glucose) is crucial for every single cell in your body, it’s what provides your body with energy.
But this doesn’t mean that eating exces…

Tell Me The Truth: Can One Sleepless Night Trigger Weight Gain?

It’s hard to imagine that one of anything—be it a vanilla cupcake, a refreshing soda or a juicy, bacon cheeseburger —could really impact your health. But then again most things aren’t sleep, which is arguably one of, if not thee, most important parts of overall wellness. After all, there is little else that can influence everything from brain function and emotional well-being, to physical health and disease prevention.
So what does that mean for all of us night owls? Can just one sleepless night really impact your health? Actually, yes, it can. According to a new study, just one night with no shuteye may tip your body’s metabolism toward storing fat, while depleting muscle—say it isn’t so!
Here’s what the science says:
For this new study, experts examined fat and muscle tissue in 15 young, healthy men to see how a lack of sleep impacts individuals on a molecular level. By looking at their tissue under two different circumstances—after a night of quality sleep (8 hours) vs. a night with …

Sleep vs. Exercise: What’s More Important?

As we all know by now, there are only so many hours in the day. But that doesn’t seem to stop most of us from trying to squeeze in a crazy number of to-dos anyway. 

Between a jam-packed family schedule and/or working a full-time job, to doing basic things like eating and cleaning (which are kind of essential), how are we supposed to find time to exercise every week (at least 150 minutes)? Oh, and get a full 8 hours of sleep, too. Try as you might to get it all in, something just has to give.
Too bad it can’t be work—right? Chances are, though, it’s going to be something else with a little more flexibility, like cutting a workout or shaving off a few hours of sleep. “The sad truth is, though, both of these things are a fundamental part of overall health and well-being,” notes Hira Kohli, MD, a primary care provider at GMG Primary Care-Suwanee
So when the alarm clock is buzzing in the morning, should you hit snooze for an extra hour of ZZZ’s or should you get up to exercise? Before we de…

Wait, Is Coconut Oil Actually Bad For You?

Do you need some help softening cracked heels (after all, who doesn’t)? What about smoothing flyaways? And while we’re at it, finding something to do some teeth whitening would be great. Lucky for us, there’s coconut oil—beloved by all for its universal application (aka: when in doubt, use coconut oil).
That is until the American Heart Association (AHA) threw a bit of wrench into everyone’s food and beauty routines by calling this go-to staple unhealthy. Did we read that right? The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, fat-burning, miracle substance is actually unhealthy? Well, it depends on who you ask. So before you decide to stock up on a lifetime supply or you swear off of it completely, let’s dig a little deeper to see where coconut oil actually stands.
Why are experts saying coconut oil is unhealthy?
As you may know, coconut oil is really high in saturated fat. While there is some level of debate over the actual health benefits and/or risks of this type of fat, there is…

Because No Two Days Are Ever The Same, No Two Workouts Should Be Either


This Is How Healthy People Start Their Day: 10 Quick Tips

When it comes to health, it seems like the early birds get the better end of the deal. After all, its old news that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, helping with everything from metabolism and energy levels to memory and concentration, and heart health. That’s enough to make just about anyone want to get up extra early to make all those delicious breakfast ideas you see on Pinterest.
Like we said, it’s almost enough to get us up early, but not quite. When in doubt, the snooze button usually wins. So does all this mean that you’re doomed if you’re more of a night owl? No…But we’re not saying that those first few minutes you’re awake aren’t crucial, either. Whether you like it or not, how you start your day influences how the rest of it unfolds. Don’t believe us? Try getting up a little earlier tomorrow—no 5 a.m. wake-up-calls necessary—and put these life-changing tips to the test. We promise you—and your health—won’t regret it.
1.No alarm. Unless you’re one of those peop…

How Exactly Does Stress Impact Vaginal Health?

As if the effects of stress weren’t far-reaching enough—now we have to worry about vaginal health, too? Turns out, almost nothing is safe from stress—more specifically the stress hormone, cortisol. But that may not surprise you. Because like the rest of us, you’re probably somewhat of a pro when it comes to dealing with stress—and all of its accompanying physical symptoms. Things like blood pressure, immune health, sleep, digestive health and more, all feel the burden of stress.
And your vaginal health is no different. That’s right, an already complicated topic just got more complicated. Along with sex, chronic health conditions, hygiene practices, pregnancy and hormone levels—stress can take a toll on vaginal health, too. But not necessarily in the ways you’d expect. For instance, you may already know that stress can impact your menstrual cycle—making it irregular, more painful or intensifying PMS. It can also impact your vaginal health in these surprising ways:
1.It may increase your …

Hand, Foot & Mouth Is A Pain—Here’s What You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? At least when we’re talking about a close football game or your favorite animal-print styles, but not when it comes to a seriously uncomfortable illness. But that’s exactly what we’re seeing with all of the recent Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreaks. And if you thought a poison ivy rash, eczema, even chickenpox were bad—then HFMD will definitely knock your socks off.
Now this isn’t to downplay the itchy, uncomfortable and downright annoying symptoms that some of these common conditions cause, but the symptoms of HFMD put it in a category all its own. So besides being rightfully wary of HFMD, what else do you need to know? Most importantly, how can you prevent it?
Here are the 9 facts everyone—regardless of age—should know about HFMD:
1.You should take its name literally. Unlike many other conditions, namely chicken pox, which causes an all-over red rash, HFMD is strictly limited to the hands, feet, mouth/throat (ouch!) and sometimes th…