5 Popular Pinterest Recipes For Fall—Dietitian Approved

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there’s no shortage of delicious, tasty food in the fall months. Whether you’re searching for healthy fall pasta ideas, nutritious autumnal desserts or recipes for nourishing, comforting casseroles, you can find any or all of the above on Pinterest. 

And while there's no denying that many of those recipes look totally tasty (even the picture looks good enough to eat), it can be tough to gauge how healthy they really are. To help you navigate through the endless number of popular fall recipes on Pinterest, we talked with Registered Dietitian, Renee Covey, the Nutrition Coordinator at GMC’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center.

Below are delicious, seasonal recipes that have thousands of overall pins (and great reviews, too). Plus, Renee shares her thoughts on why they’re some of her favorites:

1.    Sweet Potato & Sausage Quinoa Bake: If you’re like us, this recipe probably had you at sweet potato. But that delicious fall favorite is just one of the many scrumptious ingredients that make this dish so healthful. “This recipe provides ample protein, including quinoa,” says Renee, “along with antioxidants that are found in colorful sweet potatoes and kale.” “And while this recipe does have cheese, it’s added in a smaller amount than many recipes due to the distinct gruyere flavor.” To get the recipe, click here.

2.    Date Night Mushroom Pasta With Goat Cheese: You know we couldn’t resist including a pasta recipe since that’s one of the go-to comfort foods of the season. “The beauty of this dish, besides the fact that it’s colorful, is that it provides fresh vegetables and whole-wheat pasta, both of which boost its nutritional value,” explains Renee. “Plus, it’s easy to be a fan of the goat cheese because of its mild flavor and creamy texture.” To get the recipe, click here.

3.    Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Chicken Casserole: You already know that this recipe is a winner based solely on the fact that it’s for a time-saving casserole—perfect for those hectic days. Plus, with cauliflower rice, you know you can’t go wrong. “Cauliflower rice is a hot nutrition topic since it is lower in carbohydrates than white rice, and offers all the nutrients that the vegetable group contains,” notes Renee. “And to make this recipe even healthier, try reducing the cheese to 2/3 the listed amount to save on fat and calories.” To get the recipe, click here.

4.    Turkey Chili with Kale: If you’re looking for a filling and wholesome dish, look no further than this hearty chili recipe. “Hunger will know its place with this one,” says Renee. “Plus, it freezes well.” This dish is always a crowd pleaser, especially as temperatures continue to drop outside. “This recipe offers the satisfying combination of high protein from the ground turkey and beans,” says Renee, “as well as high fiber from all of those flavorful vegetables.”  To get the recipe, click here.

5.    Soft & Chewy White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies: Who doesn’t love to finish a meal with something sweet? Unfortunately, baked goodies aren’t exactly the most nutritious foods out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the sweet flavors of the season. This recipe does a great job providing the sweetness of white chocolate, balanced with other nutritious ingredients. “The oats and cranberries found in this recipe are a great combination,” says Renee. “To make it even healthier, you can try cutting back the white chocolate from ¾ cup to ½ cup.” To get the recipe, click here.

Fall into healthier habits. Gwinnett Medical Center is committed to helping our community learn how to manage and prevent diabetes. With a team of specialty-trained nurses and registered dietitians, GMC’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center offers a variety of programs designed to help people with diabetes, newly diagnosed people with diabetes, and those with pre-diabetes or those needing help with weight management.


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