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The Importance of "He Said, She Said"

It’s the question you dread most from your friends and colleagues: “Are you OK?” You usually shrug it off with a quick, “Yeah, I’m fine.” But next time, stop and think.
Not everyone notices when they are stressed, especially around the holidays. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to what others are saying to you. What’s your spouse saying? Your co-workers? Your friends? They may notice changes in your behavior or mood that you don’t.
Of course, don’t rely solely on others for hints. If you have two or three of the following stress-related symptoms you just can’t explain, stress may be to blame: not sleepinghaving a hard time waking upfalling out of your routinenot feeling happyif you notice your friends, family or co-workers are treating you differently
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Holiday Recipe Wednesday: Outstaging Your Mother-In-Law

Happy Wednesday! We all know planning holiday meals can be stressful and time consuming. Not to mention, you have to find that right dish to out-stage your mother-in-law who just seems to have a little more time in the day than you :)
Have no fear, GMC is to the rescue. We are not only going to give you that special dish, but we have planned the entire meal for you. Get those taste buds ready for Apple, Pecan Cornbread Dressing, Cranberry Relish, Green Beans with Caramelized Onions and Sweet Potato Orange Cups. Yum!

Rhonda's Story

Ever thought about bariatric surgery? Check out this personal story from Rhonda:
My name is Rhonda, and I am proud to say that I have lost a significant amount of weight thanks to bariatric surgery, specifically a sleeve gastrectomy

Give the Gift of Self

During the holidays most of our time is consumed with parties, traveling, shopping and trying to maintain some since of normalcy. So without realizing it, a time that should be filled with happiness and joy can become stressful and overwhelming. That being said, we need to remember to set aside time to take care of ourselves. 

Holiday Recipe Wednesday 2 for 1

Hope you have been enjoying your hump day! We are a few days into December and well into the holiday season. For many of us, many hours are spent in the kitchen preparing meals or snacks for yet another party. So to make things a little easier, today we are featuring not 1 but 2 delicious, heart-healthy recipes - BBQ Chicken Pizza Roll Up and Eggnog Mousse.

Just Breathe: 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Does holiday stress get you down? You’re not alone. This is a difficult time of year for many people. And stress is not to be taken lightly, as it can cause major health problems or make existing problems worse if you don’t learn to manage it.

Meet Carol!

Have you ever received care at a GMC hospital? Then you've felt the positive impact of Carol Danielson, RN, FACHE. Carol is our Chief Nursing Officer, and thus is in charge of all the nurses in our system.